Word families

Teaching word families is like getting a 2 for 1 bargain at the store.  Word families help improve spelling and reading because it encourages students to notice word patterns.  One of my favorite authors for teaching word families is Dr. Seuss.  He is an author that most students are familiar with.  I just finished a week's worth of lessons using Dr. Seuss' books.  Instead of the familiar stories like Green Eggs and Ham or Cat in the Hat, I tried to pick stories that aren't as well known so they can broaden their knowledge of Dr. Seuss.  Each day there is an assignment for the word family of the day.  There are words, in the word family, from the story which students will illustrate the meaning and write a sentence using the word.  I am going to have my students write the word in a fancy way (bubble letters) or decorate the word if it is a word that is hard to illustrate.  At the end of the assignment, students will make up their own words.  These can be real or nonsense words.  To add extra emphasis on the word family, I will have my students highlight the word family in each word.

Here's an assignment from the packet:


Here's the answer key:
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