FREE Digraph packet - for a limited time!

Head over to my TPT store to get a copy of my Diagraph packet.  It's FREE for a limited time!  There are activities to go along with the following "ch" stories:

One of my favorite activities in this packet is sentence puzzles.  I introduce sentence puzzles during reading groups so I can guide the instruction.  Later on, sentence puzzles can be set up as a literacy center for extra practice. It's a great activity for those tactile-kinesthetic learners!

Copy the sentences on card stock, preferably on different colors.  Cut between each word like a puzzle piece, using pinking shears or scissors with decorative edges.

Mix the sentences up, like a puzzle.

The hints that I give my students are:
1.  Each sentence is a different color.  
2.  What type of letter does a sentence begin with?
3.  What does a sentence end with? (punctuation mark)
4.  If you put your sentence together correctly, the sides of the puzzle will match.

As an extension, you can give your student sentence strips, markers, and fancy scissors.  Let them write their own sentence and cut it apart.  If each student uses a different colored marker, you can mix up the sentences like the sentences copied on colored paper.

Happy reading!


~DeAnne~ said...

Love the book choices. Goldie Locks has the Chicken Pox is one of my faves!! I'm a new follower---which means you're a recently discovered blog....which means............I've nominated you! :) You can go here to see what it's about. http://firstgradeandfabulous.blogspot.com/2012/01/versatile-blogger.html

First Grade and Fabulous

Teach123 said...

Thank you so much! I love that book, too! I will definitely go check out your blog!