Half Price Sale

For the next few days my "Reading Tips & Tidbits" packet is on sale . . . . 50% off!  YIPEE!  I hope you like sales as much as I do. This packet includes:

bizzy digraphs (ch, th, sh)
*Increase reading skills building words with these chunks and “sh”, “th”, and “ch” digraphs.
*Response sheet and answer sheet is included
*Can be used as a small group lesson or as a literacy center

letter shuffle
*this includes a pattern for the game board, 120 letter cards (30 of the vowels are red).
*this is a game that can be used to reinforce a wide range of skills. Here are a few ideas from the tips included with the game:
4. What blend do you hear at the beginning of clown? CL
5. How do you spell a word that is the opposite of white? BLACK
6. What is another word that means the same as sack? BAG
*This can be used in small group or students can use the game board to practice spelling words or word wall words.

stretchy words (Phonemic awareness)
*14 word cards and response sheet are included. Words are on 1st/2nd grade level.
*May be used in small group or as a center

Sentence puzzle (fluency)

*This is the perfect fluency activity for your tactile learners. Students write sentences on puzzle strips and then cut them apart.
*for teachers who have a tight schedules, integration ideas are given.

bingo (sight words)
*Set these blank bingo cards up as a literacy center. Students make their own bingo card from spelling words or word wall words.
*3 different sizes of cards are included so you can differentiate

Schedule signs
*to make scheduling easier, 5 large and 5 small signs are included. Signs included:
- read to someone
- read to yourself
- work on writing
- listen to reading
- spelling – word work

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