Tattle Tale Tips


Have you ever had a class where you feel like they couldn't get along with their own shadow?  In reality, it's only a handful of students who want to "report" every infraction, but it's exhausting when you get this group.  I've found 2 different things that help combat tattling syndrome.

#1 - Warm Fuzzies

This will redirect your students' focus.  Suddenly, they are looking for the good their classmates are doing rather than the bad.  Here's a handout with a couple of tips:



#2 - Kelso's Choices

This is an amazing conflict resolution program that teaches children important life skills/  I set up a "Kelso's Corner".  Students who have a conflict go to the corner to discuss their conflict.  After they work out their problem and agree on a Kelso's solution, they report to me which solution they use - not the details of the actual conflict because it was already worked out in the corner.  It never fails, when my students hear two students having a disagreement about something, they tell the two to "go to the corner".  Eventually, students manage their own conflicts with little support needed from me.

Here's the choices that they use to solve their conflicts:



Primary Junction said...

I just laughed out loud at your comment about how some students can't seem to get along with even their own shadow. I don't know if a truer statement has ever been said! Ha. We've all had some of those kiddos and definitely have had a class at some point that can not get along no matter what. Thanks for sharing your tattling tips! I love the Warm Fuzzies idea.

Primary Junction

Amy said...

We have this at my school too! It's a great program. Glad I stumbled onto your blog!

Krazy About Kiddos

Michelle said...

If you teach long enough, you'll eventually get one of these classes. I think there are some groups of kids that don't gel very well . . . . a chemistry issue. With those classes, using Kelso's Choices puts "tools in their toolboxes" which makes a big difference!

I'm glad you ladies stopped by!

Muriel Rand said...

I love the warm fuzzies - what a great way to build a positive classroom community while teaching children social skills!

Michelle Rist said...

I am so excited to find this! We have been using an old outdated version of this and calling it "The Pond of Choice" The clipart is super old and we had to color it ourselves. I am soooo glad you posted about this!! Thank you!

gillkennett said...

How does one get or buy the froggy chart on conflict resolution? Thanks!

Michelle said...

You can buy supplies for this program at this site:


Michelle said...
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Laurel Beaumont said...

My co-worker reacts negatively when a particular child tattles on others but when the other children tattles on her, she is rebuked in front of the entire class.

I am in a bind as to how to deal with this issue as I feel that no one, either adult or child is learning anything from from these experiences

Jason Springer said...

You can probably try respectfully intervening, introducing her to 'Kelso's choice in Conflict Management as seen above. Let her know too that the teacher should never be seen as taking sides.

Nora said...

Question-At what tmes do you fill up the fuzzy jar, and when do you take the students` compliments about each other? The timing is what I worry about.

Nora said...

Question-At what tmes do you fill up the fuzzy jar, and when do you take the students` compliments about each other? The timing is what I worry about.