Valentine's Day: Sweet Treat

When I was shopping yesterday, I noticed stores are already a vision of red and pink.  It must be time for Valentine's Day!  Time to dust off your February files.  When I was going through mine, I rediscovered some tried and true lessons.  I polished one my favorites, rewriting a song.  I'm not sure who originally wrote "Three Valentines".  I looked on the internet but couldn't the answer so I could give credit where credit is due. First, we sing the song.  Can you say Multiple Intelligence?  This will perk up those musical rhythmic learners!  Then students write their own version of the song with the template.  Usually the first time we do this, I have them work with a partner.  Later on, when we rewrite another song they can work on it by themselves.  Here's the new version of "Three Valentines":

Even Math got a little sprucing up!  I made some new story problems about Valentine's Day.  Here's my favorite!

Have you ever used pie graphic organizers when writing a story?  It's a circle that is cut into 4 pie pieces.  Give your class a topic to write about and then brainstorm words about the topic.  List words on chart tablet/marker board/chalkboard.  Students choose 4 of these words.  They will write each of these words and draw a picture in the pie pieces.  There is a second circle that fits on top of the pie which has the topic written on it.  Connect the two circles together with a brad.  Students write a sentence about each picture.  It's a great way to increase the writing skills, especially with those reluctant writers. Here's what it looks like:

Sweet Treats is my latest creation for TPT.  You can find the above activities and the following in it:
  • Valentine Song: Sing “Heart” and then write your own version using the template.
  • Friendly Letter: Write a letter to your parent or grandparent telling them why they are special to you. Included is a “Parts of a letter” page that may be printed on card stock and cut apart to make signs. Use on a bulletin board or write a letter together and have volunteers put signs by the correct parts of the letter.
  • Writing: Included are two circle graphic organizers and two story papers to write stories titled “Valentine's Day” and “Cupid Capers”. An example is given for the circle graphic organizer and story for “Valentine's Day”.
  • Alphabetical Order: Put twelve Valentine's Day words in alphabetical order. Answer key is included.
  • Glyph: Practice listening skills with this “Sweet Heart” glyph.
  • Math Center: Valentine's Day Scrabble Fun. Choose four words from the Valentine's Day Word Bank, write the words in the boxes, and then find Scrabble value for the words. Scrabble card is included along with the answer key.
  • Math Story Problems: Five pages with draw-and-solve Valentine inspired story problems.

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