Reading Group Lesson Idea: Worms

Do you ever get inspired when you shop?  I've been inspired in some of the strangest places.  A while back, I was at the local Bass Pro Shop, letting my hubby dream and drool over the bass boats, when I wandered over to the rubber worm aisle.  Now I'm sure you're asking yourself, "What does a rubber worm have to do with teaching?"  No, I'm  not teaching my students proper fishing techniques.  But, I'm glad you asked why a teacher needs rubber worms! Rubber worm are wonderful for students who crave sensory type activities.  They are colorful, bumpy, and seem to wiggle all on their own!  I bought several bags and passed them out during my next reading group lesson.  Rubber worms can be laid out to form letters, numbers, and shapes which makes them the perfect tool to reinforce letter sounds, practice math facts, and spell words.  Here's a typical lesson . . . . skill:  blends - I say a word with a blend, and my students would arrange the worms in the shape of the letters of the blend.  I made some mats that the students use.  The mats give the activity a more fishy thematic flavor.  I laminated the mat because my boys love it when I squirt water on the worms so they're even more squirmy.  Here's a copy of one of my mats:

This is one of the activities included in my Word Work for Primary Students packet.  Lately, this has been a popular packets with buyers so there are students all across the country who have "gone fishing".  I hope your students enjoy worms as much as mine did.

Here a picture of rubber worms so you can see just a few of the colors that they come in.




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