S.S.R. time & Readicide

One of my friends recommended the book, Readicide to me.  The author, Kelly Gallagher, and  Donalyn Miller, the author of The Book Whisperer, agree that a quality reading program should include a S.S.R. time.  Gallagher and Miller both stress the importance of choice in reading material. Reading programs can not be all teacher selected materials if you expect your students to be life long readers. Gallagher gives practical ideas that teachers can easily incorporate into their curriculum.  He stresses that the reading program should be balanced.  He adopts a 50/50 approach, which means 50% of the students reading is from recreational reading and 50% is from academic reading.  To make students accountable with their recreational reading, but not too cumbersome to take away the enjoyment of reading, his students fill out a "one pager" after they read their recreational book.  They are expected to read one book per month for recreation.  The "one pager" is a reflection page that takes his students about 20 minutes to complete.  This book is full of practical ideas, and is supported with research.  Readicide should be on your "to read" list this year!

I found some other titles for S.S.R. (sustained silent reading) on the website, proteacher and thought I'd pass them along.  There are some creative titles out there!  Here are some signs in case you would like to adopt one of these new titles.

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