Edible Math: Geometry

There are some things that are meant to go together.  Chips 'n salsa, peanut butter 'n jelly, bacon 'n eggs, and food 'n school.  My new lesson is one of those perfect combinations.  Food and math, what could be better?  

This lesson is your sneak preview of a new packet called Young Explorers.   This geometry unit also includes lessons about ancient Egypt, simple machines, tech connections - research ancient Egypt structures,  10 Egypt and geometric picture writing prompts, assignment to measure the area and perimeter of spelling words, "I have, who has" geometric shape game, and a few others.

Click HERE to get your copy.

This lesson and many other great lessons can be found on on a new freebie blog called, Best Practices 4 Teaching.  Go check out all the great FREE lessons!

Click on the picture for more information about my Young Explorers packet:

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