Are you a pin-a-holic like me?  It seems like more and more of my time is spent on Pinterest.  It's soooo addictive! I keep adding boards, joining collaborative boards, and pinning, pinning, pinning.  I have 66 boards, 3046 pins, and 930 followers.  If you love pinning, too, leave me your information with a comment and I'll follow you.  Click on the sign if you'd like to check out my boards.


Lori Rosenberg said...

I follow all your boards! They are great! But, I think I may be even more of a pin-a-holic than you! Come see what I mean! LOL!http://pinterest.com/teachme/

Teaching With Love and Laughter

Nicole said...

Guilty!! So addicted too!!

Rowdy in Room 300

Nicole said...

How do you join the collaborative boards??

Rowdy in Room 300

Michelle said...

I found out about the collaborative boards in the TPT sellers' forum. It's a great place to get ideas.

applesandabcs said...

I need an intervention I am so obsessed...!!


Apples and ABC's

applesandabcs said...

Can you put the link to the seller's forum??

MichelleApples and ABC's

The Hands-On Teacher said...

OMG, I am totally addicted! I was one of the last in my circle to join in on the Pinterest fun and I have found so many wonderful ideas!


Come follow me! I'll follow you too!

Nicole said...

Thank you for the tip!! I've been trying for weeks to figure out HOW people were getting on the collaborative boards!

Rowdy in Room 300

Tania Knapp said...

Following you now :) Awesome boards!!!

My Second Sense

Amber said...

I'm a pin addict


Sparkles , Smiles, and Student Teaching

Michelle said...

Hi Ladies,
Since there is so much interest in collaborative boards, I did some research to find out how you can join. I forgot all of the specifics of how I joined. I knew I heard about them on the sellers forum. It's really is the "go to" place for me. In tomorrow's blog post is a lot of helpful information about several different collaborative boards that should answer any questions you have about joining one. Each board is a little different, one is for only free lessons/tips, another is organized by grade level, another by subject, etc. I'm sure you'll find at least one that will work for you.
Happy Pinning!

Joell W. said...

I first discovered teacher blogs through pinterest! In fact, I just started my own blog at Totally Terrific Teaching

My pinterest is http://pinterest.com/joellw/

I'm heading over to become your newest pinterest follower.


Destiny said...

Follow me at

Angela Hernandez-Prince said...

I am a pinaholic too. I am a teacher and pin a ton of teaching stuff but also pin food, decorations for events and inspirational quotes. I am a pinaholic and will now follow other pinaholics to fall deeper into my Pinterest addiction. Is there rehab out there for this? lol :)

Follow me at: http://pinterest.com/alegna226/

Angela Hernandez-Prince