Pinterest Boards & Pin Reach

A pin here, a pin there, everywhere a pin, pin!  I've added a few new boards you might want to check out!  I will be adding new pins to these boards so check back from time to time to see what I've added.  Click below:

Have you heard of Pin Reach?  If you spend as much time on Pinterest as I do, this site should be put on your "to do" list. Pin Reach shows you how effective your time on Pinterest has been.  One of the suggestions I'm doing is commenting more on pins.  This was something I didn't do very often in the past.  Pinterest can be more interactive when you take the time to comment on pins that interest you.

So far, my pinreach score is:

Click here to find out more about pinreach scores:

My favorite part of this site is when you click on "pins", the site tells you which of your pins were rated top 10.  These pins were repinned the most often.

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