Staples new policy

Have you heard of Staples new policy for teachers?  Last year, when Staples had their sales on school supplies in July and August, the public was limited in the amount they could purchase of the sale items.  Teachers were allowed to purchase up to 25 of the items at the sale price, which was a big help!  With the new policy, teachers will get the sale price for the same amount as the public.  Teachers can purchase up to 25 of the item on sale, at regular price.  This amount teachers spend will be rewarded back in Staples rewards.http://teach123-school.blogspot.com/

Here is how this will work:

I can't remember the exact sale price, but for example purposes, let's say that a package of loose leaf binder paper was/is on sale for 10 cents.  

25 packages of loose leaf binder paper = $2.50 

limit of 5 = 50 cents   
regular price - $1.99 X 20 packages = $39.80
$39.80 + .50 = $40.30

$40.30 - $2.50 = $37.80
Granted teachers get Staples rewards for the money they spend.  But, it's still $37.80 MORE coming out of my checking account.

I checked my Staples Rewards account to see how much money I've spent this year.  Since January 1st, which doesn't count all of the money I spent in the back to school sales, I have spent $683.79.  Granted, to a large corporation, this is a drop in the bucket.  But, if other teachers are as irritated as I am, eventually it will be felt on the corporate bottom line.

I initially heard about Staples great deals for teachers from teacher blogs.  I checked it out and loved what I found.  In the past, I shopped at Target or Wal-Mart for my back to school supply bargains.  Target and Wal-Mart are more convenient places for me to get my supplies, because I'm already there shopping for my family.  I was willing to make a special trip to Staples because of the bargains.  This new policy will not motivate me to make a special trip to purchase my supplies. I wonder if this new policy is going to be like the New Coke from the 80's . . . . a big flop! 


Jess said...

Thanks so much for getting the word out to us on this! I am not yet a teacher, but I was so looking forward to the day that I could partake in the wonderful sales that I have heard about at Staples during their back to school sale. Looks like I will be at Walmart, Target, and the Dollar Store/Tree instead. Sad, sad, day!


Angie said...

Oh that stinks! Not that I want to, but what would stop me from going into Staples 5 times to get 25 at the sale price anyway? Or from having my husband and kids buy at the sale price..... and my parents... It was easier to let us do the 25, but now that it's more inconvenient--I'll just stick with Target and Walmart (unless I just happen to have all those people shopping with me at the time!). Weren't they also the ones who changed their 1 cent deals to you can have the things for 1 cent, if you spend $5?

Rulin' the Roost

Stephanie @ 3rd Grade Thoughts said...

Boo Staples! Thanks so much for the heads-up about this!

FYI, Walmart always price-matches, so if you bring in the ad from Staples to Walmart, they will adjust the price for their item. That has helped me a lot in years past, since running around to 10 different stores was too crazy :)

3rd Grade Thoughts

April Walker said...

That stinks. I loved the Staples deals. Good to know Walmart price matches.

April @ ideabackpack.blogspot.com

Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

ugh!!! NOT COOL!

♥ Jen
The Teacher's Cauldron

Brian Hopkins said...

Absolutely ridiculous! I'm upset with Staples as it is. This past year I bought a pack with 2 toners and was supposed to get a certain amount back in Staples rewards and I didn't get it. I complained and they acted like I read it wrong and it was only for ink. Um no the sign was over the toner, well away from where they put their ink. Enough of Staples, I'll head to Wally World for my shopping.

Molly said...

What a bummer!!! I think I may call them and tell them that teachers are not very happy about this change and a lot of us will now be shopping at other stores! Maybe if they get enough complaints they will change it back! Otherwise Target and Walmart are going to get way more back to school business this year!

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Mrs. K said...

Wow. Not your best move, Staples!!

I understand not wanting to lose money, but just think about how much money they will lose THIS year, when none of the teachers shop there! To Walmart it is, then... *sigh*

Molly said...

P.S. I'm a new follower!! I thought I was following your blog before, but I guess not! :)

Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

we are all pinning this so it can go "viral" and hope that Staples changes their policy

EveryNewBeginning said...

Add me to the list of pinners... Read this the other day and it made me a bit angry. I know it is their company, but really- they are just counting on us forgetting or not going through with the rebate so they can keep our $$

Boo Staples! I plan to go to Walmart.

Check out my new blog- I am giving away a $25 gc to Target to celebrate!

Alicia@Through-my-is said...

I don't have a Staples nearby so I never shopped there anyway, BUT if you have an OfficeMax nearby, they usually have pretty good 1cent deals and I have never had a problem with buying a bunch for my class.

Mrs. C said...

Please let me share this on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine said...

Ugh! I am not a fan of Staples at all! We have one that I visit when I need something specific that Walmart does not carry. I can't stand that they all shout "hello" when you walk int he door. I once spent 10 minutes there to pick up one thing and browse and 5 - count them 5 people asked me if I needed help when I was plainly looking at something. I asked the person at the check register if they are all trained to annoy their customers this much and he said it is called "pepping"! Apparently they are supposed to yell at you and stalk you. I told him I was not planning to shop there anymore because I do not like being yelled at when I enter a store. At any rate, this policy only makes it worse! I never seemed to earn anything on their card anyway. I think I will just boycott the store. Thanks for the info.!



Sara S. said...

I'm so upset! I think they are going to lose a lot of customers. I used to work at Staples and Back to School was the busiest time of year (bigger than Christmas).

And, yes, Christine we are trained to "annoy" the customers. I hated it but we got in pretty big trouble if we didn't ask every.single.person we saw if they needed help. Boo Staples!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Melissa said...

Awww, that stinks. I love Staples and they are usually so good to teachers! I have almost $20.00 in rewards right now from recycling ink cartridges. If it doesn't expire by then, I'll just save it to use for the back to school sales. If it does expire then I may try the price matching at Wal-Mart. I'm glad Stephanie reminded us that they do that.

Sabra said...

Agreed! Thank you for the advice, it def helps to know this ahead of time. I absoluetly love your blog! I awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award :o) If you check out my blog it tells you how to recieve your award and pass it on. Thank you again!


Tracy St. John said...

I always forget that Walmart price matches...do you have to follow the rules of the orginial ad (like limit 5) when you are price matching?

Just starting out (both blogging and teaching!) and would love some love over at my page!


jay pea said...

I am just sad and mad!!
Thanks for the info!

Curious Catherine said...

I think of how much I spent at Staples last year... and previous years... on school supplies for my classroom. I had to drive farther, but it was worth it, I bought additional things that weren't on my list... I guess I'll just stick with W-M since it's half the distance and they DON'T limit the amount I can get when they price-match.

Tracie said...

I found this out the hard way last year. I gave them all my stuff back to put back on the shelves. Luckily WalMart is next door and I took my ad there and got 50 binders for the Staples "sale" price. I contacted a manager first to be sure before filling my basket.

Cyndi-Lu said...

I can't remember the last time I bought school supplies at Staples for my classroom. I hit up Walmart a couple weeks after July 4th and get great deals. I think Staples is overpriced year-round, so I surely don't shop there for back-to-school---and,I must admit, my niece works there and gets a discount and it's still too expensive in my opinion.

Chrissy said...

I'm very disappointed to hear this. In the past the Staples sales have really helped me get a lot for my classroom. Thanks for posting about this info.
First Grade Found Me

Tami Smith said...

Well I will be going to Walmart as well. To bad for Staples, I really liked that store :(

cathyriehl said...

You can also check with the Staples manager. Some of them will let you get the 25 IF you have your teacher id with you. I had two different reactions with two different managers, so it pays to ask!

Emily Logan said...

Just remember that you can't price match stuff at Walmart if it's a staples brand product :)

Fancy Nancy said...

I have not stepped foot into Staples ever since they instituted this new policy. WalMart and Target are my go to stores now.

Hilary Lewis said...

I know that I stopped going to Staples because of this. I didn't buy one single thing from them this year! Stinks!
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Mrs. O'Leary said...

I found this out when I got to the register to pay. Well needless to say I left everything there and walked out. I haven't bought anything from Staples since. I find great bargains at both Target and Walmart.