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Do you ever run to your computer during your lunch break hoping to download a lesson quickly, but get completely overwhelmed with how many lessons are on TPT?  Your time is limited . . . .  you know TPT has some great stuff, but who has the time to sort through thousands of lessons!  Even if you go to your favorite seller's store, there are still too many lessons to sort through in a limited time.  With a few clicks here and there, you can use this shortcut and make better use of your time.


1.  This shortcut works best if you have a favorite seller or two or three.   Always click "follow me"  if you like a seller's lessons.  The arrow is pointing to where you can find  "follow me".

2.  If you found a seller's store from a pin on pinterest or a link from the seller's blog, you are probably looking at a specific lesson.  You need to click on the seller's store name. The arrow is pointing to the name of the store.

3.   Once you are on the homepage of the seller's store, you will see box called "quick find".  You can search through that seller's store when you type in a few words to narrow your search.

4.  When I typed in "2nd grade" to the "quick find" box, I found 10 lessons in my store.

5.  If I narrow my search further, and type in 2nd grade common core", I find 7 lessons.

The biggest time saver is having a list of favorite TPT sellers.  There are currently 11,379 sellers on TPT.  Don't forget to click on the "follow me" when you find a seller that you like.  

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I posted this link on Teachers Teach to Blog Facebook page!! You have some great info:) Thanks for sharing again!!

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