Facebook - Inside track

Have you liked my facebook page yet?

My facebook fan page has been one of those things on my "to do" list for quite some time. I finally took the plunge and have added facebooking (is that even a verb?) to my schedule.  My goal is to add at least 3 posts a day.  Posts will vary from jokes, quotes to make you think or smile, articles, teaching tips, and lessons (paid and free).  I will limit the number of paid for lessons, though. 

The other reason I encourage you to like my page is so you will have the inside track of happenings on my blog or my store.  When I'm giving you information about upcoming events, I will begin the post with "INSIDE TRACK".  Pay particular attention to those posts!  In fact, I am sending out one today at 8 a.m. (Pacific Time Zone).  Go check for yourself!


Katie said...

Yay for taking the facebook plunge! It's on my "to do" list too... but it definitely won't be for a little bit. I'm still new to blogging as it is. One thing at a time :)

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Haley said...

I've debated about doing a FB page, but will probably just stick to the blog. I'd like to, but I'm afraid I won't be very consistent with it once school starts again! I love seeing your updates and info on your page though!

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