My Favorite Things

My blogging buddy, Mary @ Sharing Kindergarten is having a linky party to share our favorite things.  Be sure to hop from blog to blog to see if you share some favorites with some of your favorite bloggers.

My absolute "go to" place for drinks is . . . . .

I love their cherry limeades.

Really, any of their drinks are great!
I don't live very close to a Sonic right now which is very sad for me.  When I go home to visit my family, my nieces and nephew knows that we are going to go on Sonic runs on a daily basis.   

I love, love, love ink pens.  I have rubbermaid tubs full of ink pens.  I have collected ink pens since . . . well, I can't remember a time when I didn't love pens.  I really not picky about what type or brand.  Anytime I go to a store that carries any type of office supplies, I have to check out their pen collection to see if the store has one that I don't have.  

I love Lebanese food!  The chicken dishes are always so moist.  Who doesn't love tabouleh and hummus?  Now I'm hungry!  

A perfect summer day for me is lying on my raft and reading a great book.

What are some of your favorite things?


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