Currently - September

Two of the best purchases I've made in a long time are a computer monitor with a very large screen and Bose computer speakers.  The monitor is extra important when you are over 40!  Through the years we've had a bunch of speakers and I must say once you've had Bose, you'll never want anything else.  My husband's Tahoe has Bose, too.   I've already told him that my next vehicle will have Bose.  You have not heard Adele truly sing until you hear her coming out of Bose speakers.  

The "needing" for this month's Currently brings up a good point . . . cleaning out the litter box.  If you read my blog on a regular basis you know that I am a foster mom of kittens.  My family fosters kittens, socializes them so they will have an easier transition to their "forever" home, and nurtures them until they reach 2 pounds which is when they can be spayed or neutered, then put up for adoption.  After our last two kittens, "The Boys" found their forever home, I thought we needed a little break.  We became really attached to the boys in the short time period so I thought a break would help.  But, fate had a different plan for us.  I got a phone call that my help was needed.  The shelter had received 6 very small kittens who didn't trust humans, were hissing, scared, and needed time and attention.  When I originally signed up to do this I said I would take up to 2 kittens at a time.  When I showed up at the shelter, there were 3 kittens left.  I couldn't leave one so I took all 3.   Two of them were itty, bitty balls of hissing fur.  The third one just sat where ever I put her, if she was a student you would say she had flat affect, and she had a limp.  My daughter named this one Darcy because she is obsessed with all things English right now thanks to the boys of One Direction.  I later found out that Darcy had a fractured leg.  I mixed up a batch of kitten formula and fed her with an eyedropper.  Slowly but surely Darcy has blossomed and is now the second largest kitten.  She has the stereotypical middle child personality.  The other two kittens we named Bruno and Daisy.  Daisy has a prissy little personality.  I hope she is adopted by Paris Hilton so she can ride around in a purse all day.  Even though she is a good eater - her absolute favorite is shrimp - she is so petite!  The biggest one of the bunch is Bruno - yes my daughter likes Bruno Mars.  I think he needs a brother because he constantly pounces on his sisters.  Daisy may be tiny but she is learning to hold her own with her brother.  With 3 kittens, the cleaning the litter box is a never ending chore.





As you can see, it will be quite some time before they reach 2 pounds.

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ms. rachel said...

The kittens are soooo cute, :)

♥ rachel
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Storie said...

My daughter just loves kittens and calls them mows (rhymes with cows). Oh, and Sweet Home Alabama is now running through my head after seeing it on your currently :)
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Katie Jones said...

Cute cats.

Katie said...

Cute kittens. I'm not a big cat fan, but my 5 year old brought one home from daycare in May and now I'm a cat owner...still not sure if I'm a fan. However I did find out just a few days ago, that my cat named Pixie with a pink rhinestone collar is actually a boy!!! No wonder he keeps attacking my feet when I walk through a room. He's angry at me! lol

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Rhonda said...

Love your cute kittens. I am such an animal lover!
Love your blog. I am your newest follower.
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