Editable anyone?


To edit or not to edit . . . that is the question?  My apologies to Shakespeare, but this seemed to fit for my topic today.  One of the issues that seems to be affecting Teachers pay Teachers shoppers and sellers alike right now is "editable" documents.  This is a document that the buyer can type on after purchasing it.  The document is usually made with the Powerpoint program, so the buyer needs to have that program in order to edit the document.  Then he or she would be able to click on various text boxes to add information.

This is probably the most important point I can stress in this post . . . . read the product overview carefully.  If you want an editable document, make sure it clearly states it before you purchase it.  It is more work for the seller to make the documents editable so he/she wants you to know about this advantage. It will usually state it in the overview.  If you're not sure, click on "ask a question" so you can ask the seller BEFORE you purchase a lesson.

Some things can not be made editable due to copyright and terms of use rules.  Each clipart company has their own terms of use, often there are different rules for personal use and commercial use.  Sometimes it is a matter of staying compliant with the policies of the clipart companies.

 Can you send me this PDF file in a word document format?  That is another question we often get asked.  The answer is often no and there is a very good reason why it has to be no.  We do this to protect our copyrighted lessons. Although we like the think the world is fair and just and everybody plays by the rules, sadly we have not found that to be true.  


Jennifer @ Simply Kinder said...

Very well put! Thanks for this post! As a seller too it is nice to see the issues of editable products (I have been thinking of experimenting!)

Kristen Crisp said...

Great post with useful information! Thank you for sharing this!

I do, We Do, You Do!

Alison Hislop said...

Thankyou for sharing this information! I am against word documents - too much copying going on!

Thanks for sharing!