Linky: Oh! How Pinteresting

I am linking up with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple for . . . .

These are a few of the interesting pins I found recently.  Click on the picture if you'd like to pin it, too.

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This is a great way to teach gallon, quart, pint, and cup.

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This pin inspired me to write a post about it.

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This picture would be a great writing prompt.

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This weight watcher recipe has only 3 ingredients which is perfect for your next faculty luncheon!  *Please note:  The link is broken for the pin, but the directions are written in the comments section.

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This post was very interesting!  I'm sure you will be able to quickly put some of your students in either the sequential group or the spatial group.

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I loved this "Divas Day Out" idea!  This blog is written by a school counselor and has great ideas that teachers and counselors can use.

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This blog has great tech tips!

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Sarah Grace said...

arguing vs. explaining...i think that is a daily discussion in my household! :) haha

happy wednesday!

xoxo, sarah grace

scholarpon said...
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Katie Jones said...

I love pin interest. These are great pins that you found!