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Sweet as Pie Giveaway

Do you remember those old Doublemint commercials?  Double your pleasure, double your fun . . . ring a bell?  Some of my blog buddies and I decided to get together so we could help you, our readers, double your pleasure, double your fun.  You will hop from blog to blog so you can enter our Sweet as Pie Giveaway and you will get a freebie from each blogger.  Each blogger will also showcase her lesson packet that is going to be given away to four winners on Sunday.  All of the winners will be given all four of the packets you see featured on the blogs.  So, you get a freebie and a chance to win 4 amazing packets, how great is that?!!!  All you have to do is leave your name and email address in the comment section on each blog.  You have 4 chances of winning!

 The lesson packet that you have a chance to win is my Thanksgiving fluency center.  Students stack the cards on the sentence shuffle page below.  The picture on the left is the center sign.

There is a colorful version and black and white version of the cards below.

Student take one card from each stack to make sentences.  Sentences can be real or nonsense sentences.  They can do this activity individually, with a partner, or with a team.
After students have made and read sentences using the cards above, they choose 3 sentences to write on this page.

Click on the picture below if you'd like to check out this packet at my TPT store:

My freebie for you:

click on the picture

My blog buddies have freebies for you, too.  Leave your name and email on their blog so you increase your chances of winning all 4 packets.  Click on the pictures below to visit their blogs:

Arlene's blog:

It's LMN Tree

Tanja's blog:

Kristen's blog:
A day in first grade

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What a fun giveaway!

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I would use this pack with my kindergartener.

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