Updated Black History Month packet


I just updated my Black History Month packet.  It now includes:

Garrett Morgan invented the traffic light.  Student will make traffic light cookies and write a "how to" make traffic light cookies.

Benjamin Banneker is best known for his six annual Farmers' Almanacs.  Set up an Almanac center.  Students will go on a scavenger hunt looking for answers in the Almanacs to the question above.  This is a great informational text activity!

Combine Valentine's Day and Black History Month with this activity!  P.B. Downing invented the street letterbox.  Students will make a Valentine's mailbox.

William Purvis invented the fountain pen.  Students will complete the word work activity with a fountain pen.

Dr. George Grant invented the golf tee.  Students will put golf tees in playdough to use as math manipulatives to solve the math problems.  Five different math worksheets on different levels are included.

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams performed the first open heart surgery.  Jump rope for heart is a fund raiser that many schools do this month.  Jump rope is a great heart healthy activity.  Included is a jump rope rhyme that students will find rhyming words. Then students will write their own jump rope rhyme on the template.

George Crum had a African American father and a Native American mother.  He invented the potato chip in 1853.  Students will have a Crunch Off (taste test) and then graph the results.

There is also a parent note asking for supplies for the activities included in the packet.

cost:  $4
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Frogtastic Test Prep - Black History Month
Stories:  Zomo the Rabbit, Abiyoyo, and Ashanti to Zulu
Aligned with 1st - 3rd grade Common Core Standards
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Cost:  $2.50

Here are some books you should check out:

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