Super Bowl Sale


If you've been on Teachers Pay Teachers lately, you already know the big news.  This Sunday there is going to be a site wide sale.  If you use the code "super" when you check out you will get 10% off of your purchase.  Many sellers will be marking down their lesson packets for additional savings.  My entire store will be marked down 20% on Sunday and Monday.  **Please note:  The TPT 10% discount is only for Sunday.

Just like you need to prepare for the big test when you teach, I have a few tips so you can prepare for the BIG SALE!

1.  Update your computer's software so you'll be able to download your purchases without any glitches.  If you have a MAC, you click on the apple in the toolbar and then click on "software update".

2.  Make sure your Adobe Reader is updated.  Look for a symbol that looks like this:
You might be able to find this icon in your dock. Common problems if you don't update are: black bars on lines of document, blurry documents, big black squares, and a message that says "corrupted file".

4.  Lessons are sold in different formats.  A zipfile has more than one file that is compressed into a zipfile.  MAC computers can open these up automatically.  PC computers need a program to open zip files.  Winzip is one program that can open them.  You can google "open zip files" to find more programs.

5. I can not stress this step enough . . . read the product overview and download the preview file before you purchase.  If you have a question, click on the "ask a question" to find out more information from the seller.  Sellers want our buyers to be happy!

6.  If you have purchased from TPT before, you have earned credits.  You can see how many credits are on your account by clicking on TPT Credits which is located at the top of the screen.

Credits can be used to purchased new lessons.  You earn credits when you leave feedback for lessons you purchased.  If you haven't already done so, click on "my purchases" so you can go back and leave feedback on your previous purchases.

Here's some more information about how the TPT credits work.  This is from the TPT site:

How it Works
Earn TpT Credits for purchases on TpT. You get one TpT Credit for every $ you spend on TpT. Thing is, you only get the Credits after you Provide Feedback -- both a fair rating and a fair comment -- on the items that you purchase. We will round up for you, too! If you provide fair feedback on a $4.75 item, you will earn 5 credits. Every 100 Credits is worth $5 that you can apply towards future TpT purchases, but there is no need to wait until you have 100 to redeem them. 50 credits is worth $2.50, for example.
The program is retroactive to feedback provided on purchases since August 1, 2011.
How to Redeem TpT Credits
You can keep track of how many credits you have accrued here or on the top of the site after login. When you check out, you will be given the option of applying your TpT Credits to your purchase, thereby discounting your purchase price accordingly.


My entire store will be marked down 20% on Sunday and Monday.  I did a few search options to make it easier for you to see my lessons.  If you find something that you like between now and Sunday, you can add it to your wish list so you won't forget it.

In the true football spirit, I am teaming up with some of my blogging friends so you can hop from store to store to find more great stuff.  

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