Tech tips: ergonomics


Today's tech tip could save you a lot of pain and doctor visits.  If you work on a computer more than 2 hours at a time, you need to make sure you have the proper equipment.  Without the proper equipment, you could end up with carpal tunnel syndrome, pinched nerves, and eye strain.  

You need a desk that is the proper size.  Depending on your height, you may need a desk that has a keyboard tray.  Your arms should be waist height and be at an 90 degree angle when you are typing.  The placement of your monitor is also important.  Read more about it HERE.  For those of you who wear glasses, let your eye doctor know that you work on a computer for extended periods of time.  Did you know that you might need a different prescription for your computer time?


There are a wide variety of computer mouse/mice on the market.  Most mouse require the user to move their wrist.  A better option is to get a mouse with a tracking ball so you don't need to move your wrist.  Here is an example:


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