4th and 5th grade-Spring time fluency activities

Speech pathologists, homeschool teacher-moms, special education, and classroom teachers have left me feedback or emailed me about my fluency centers.  Thank you for the compliments and suggestions.  I love to hear how they are being used.  One of my buyers asked about the reading level.  I am working on adding the reading level to all of my packets.  

Students make sentences about St. Patrick's Day customs.
Reading level:  4.9 - 4th grade
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Students make sentences that are facts about wind.
Reading level:  5.4 - 5th grade
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If the center is on the 3rd grade level or higher I added an extra writing assignment.  I realize that some of you may be primary teachers using these for enrichment so there is a primary assignment.  For intermediate teachers, there is an assignment for your students.

St. Patrick's Day assignment

Wind assignment

After using the cards, primary students will write 3 of the sentences they made on this page.

Intermediate students will write about a day in the life of a leprechaun in the St. Patrick's Day packet.

Intermediate students will write about their opinion of wind in the wind packet.

I have written a couple of posts giving set up ideas.

Folder game which is good for teachers with small classrooms.  Click HERE to read more about the folder game set up.

Each packet comes with a colorful version and black and white version.  This post shows the black and white version that I made colorful.  Click HERE to read more.

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