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This is a particularly stressful time of the year.  Your bag of tricks is getting low, cold and flu season is in full swing, and spring break can't come soon enough!  Have you ever sat through a staffing for one of your challenging students and had members of the committee give you suggestions?  Many times these are things you've used in the past, but you forgot about them because there is always some latest and greatest bandwagon you feel pressured to jump aboard.  I thought for today's Monday Message I would introduce you to Super Bargain Shopper.  SBS likes to shop for ideas, lessons, and tips to share.  This week's topic for Super Bargain Shopper is behavior problems.

Have you visited the School Counseling by Heart blog?  This blog is a great place to fill your bag of tricks. Classroom teachers could easily adapt these ideas to use with their students.  Here's one of my favorites for dealing with your challenging student.  This technique is called "The Secret Sparkler".

Here are some free happy notes you can use with Secret Sparker idea.

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If you are looking for more idea, I have a packet called Behavior 101 that has tips and forms.  It is on sale March 11 - 15 for $2.

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Julie Marciniak said...

This is a great post and I look forward to checking out your references!
Thanks so much!

Michelle said...

Thank you Julie!

Fern Smith said...

What a fun idea for a new feature, I love your Super Bargain Shopper!!
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