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I am linking up with Farley @ Oh' Boy Fourth Grade for her monthly Currently party.  The thing I like about Farley's party is you can always find a new blogger or two to follow.

I am looking for a new desk for my office because my current one is not ergonomic.  All of my hours spent working on the computer have caused a pinched nerve caused cervical radiculitis.  I have been to the doctor who sent me to a physical therapist.  After a round of muscle relaxants and 8 sessions with the P.T. I don't have pain anymore but I still have numbness in 2 of my fingers and still have lost grip strength.  When I began P.T. I only had 15 pounds of grip strength in my right hand which is the hand I write with.  Now I up to 45 pounds.  My non-dominant hand has 75 pounds so my right should be more than that.  You don't realize how important grip strength is until you lose a significant part of yours.  I thought I had lost coordination in my hand rather than grip strength because I seemed so clumsy all of a sudden.  I dropped a jar of mayo whip, couldn't cut an apple in a straight line, and my handwriting is awful!  So, the morale to this story is make sure you are working at an ergonomic friendly desk if you are on the computer more than 2 hours at a time.  Read more about it HERE.

Comparing yourself to others was the topic of yesterday's post.  You can read more about it HERE.


Julie Pieprzyk said...

I am so glad I found your post on Farley's Currently. I have totally been having numbness in my hands from working on the computer for too long. I have even gone to the chiropractor about this. I will definitely read more about what you have posted about ergonomic desks!!!

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Jen Elliott said...

Just found you through the link up & I'm glad that I did! I have been having issues with my handwriting & opening jars & thought I was going crazy...definitely going to check into this!

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Everyone deServes to Learn said...

I love that Bruno Mars song! It's so fun to sing! I'm sorry about your fingers- glad you're going for PT. I'm guilty of working in bed or on my couch...not ergonomic at all!

Everyone deServes to Learn

Fern Smith said...

I loved reading your new Currently! I love that song too!

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Sara Soucy said...

I want a new desk for my office too! Just waiting for my TpT check to arrive so I can get it!

Sara :)
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