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Have you noticed a difference in your Facebook News Feed lately?  Are you not getting all the posts from fan pages that you have liked?  Or do you see posts without links?  There is a reason for these changes.  

Facebook changed how things work for the owners of the fan pages.  In the past, most of our posts showed up in the news feeds of our fans.   This was great because our fans didn't miss out on any freebies, ideas, and other information that we wanted to share.  Now there is a formula that Facebook uses to decide what you see.  Of course the owners can pay to have more of our fans see our posts.  Prices range from $5 to $75+ / post or more.  I usually share at least 15 links per week.  Even if I chose the cheapest ($5) rate, this would cost me $300 a month.

There are a few things you can do to ensure you see the fan pages that you liked.  First  go to the fan page, click on like, and then click on "show in news feed".

One thing I have been trying to do is put the link in the first comment.  This seems to help with the amount of people who saw the post.  

You need to interact frequently with the fan page if you want to continue to receive posts.  How you interact also has weight with the Facebook formula.  Likes have the least amount of weight.  Shares and comments are the best ways to interact.

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Melanie Morgan said...

I did this - thanks! I also started those "Interest Lists" and made one for teaching blogs. Then I can look at all the teaching "goodness" separate from everything. This helps me "like", "comment", and "share" a whole more. Thanks for the tip! You're always so helpful!

Fern Smith said...

Thank you so much for linking up today, you always teach me so much to help my blog grow!
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