Oklahoma Tornado


Like me, you have probably been glued to your tv set this week watching the news about the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.  This tragedy brought back sad memories for me.  Fourteen years ago a tornado hit this same community.  The morning of that tragedy my father, only 56 years old, passed away.  At the time, I was four months pregnant with my daughter, and was living in San Antonio, Texas.  That morning I flew to Tulsa, OK and drove another 3 hours to be with my family.  My husband had to make arrangement with his job and our pets so he drove up later that day.  He was driving through Oklahoma minutes after the tornado went through this area.  The sirens were still going off.  He called me throughout his drive and kept me updated.  All I could think about was, "am I going to bury my father and husband in the same week?" I grew up in Kansas.  Three tornados hit my parent's farm so I had experience with them.  Thankfully my husband's guardian angel was working overtime that night.  We drove back to San Antonio after the funeral and saw first hand the damage of the tornado in 1999.  It looked like something you would see in a war movie.  With some natural disaster you have time to prepare, but with a tornado, you only have minutes.  Many times tornados occur when people are asleep. To this day, I am scared of strong winds.

I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma for 8 years so Oklahoma still holds a special place in my heart.  When different opportunities become popping up to help the people affected by the tornado, I knew I wanted to participate.  Teachers by nature are helpers and once again they are stepping up to the plate to help our friends in Oklahoma. 

I donated lesson packets to the following fundraisers:

You can read more about it HERE.

This packet is part of the Teachers Notebook Moore Relief Effort Fund.  100% of the  proceeds from the sales of this bundle will be donated to aide the victims of this tragedy.

My friend, Ashley @ The Teacher Treasure Chest has organized a fundraiser, too.  You can get $150 worth of lessons for a $25 donation.  All of the proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.  I donated:

You can read more about my packet HERE.

Click HERE for Ashley's fundraiser.

A group of TPT sellers have also organized a fundraiser to help. There are different grade level bundles.  I donated the following packet for the 3-6 bundle:

You can read more about it HERE.
You can purchase this fundraiser bundle HERE.

Dani @ Crayon Box Learning is organizing the TPT fundraiser.  You can read more about it HERE.

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