Get to Know You

The beginning of every school year is always a little exciting but also a little nerve racking, too.  It always takes awhile to get to know your students and parents.  Through the years, I have tried different things to facilitate the getting to know you stage.  I always want to speed it up, if I could.  I tried a variety of things from Back to School nights before the school year began to written surveys that parents filled out.  I think parents hold back because they are not anonymous when they are filling out a survey.  Our year together might be smoother if I knew exactly what their expectations were for their child, our school, and me.  

Today I had an epiphany!  The Survey Monkey site might be a better way for parents to communicate this information to teachers.  The site has a free option and you can write your own questions.  Parents can remain anonymous and hopefully you will get some useful information.

I wanted to check out the site so today I wrote a 10 question survey.  Would you mind taking a few minutes to fill out my survey? Thank you!


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Lynnie Brooke Clemens said...

Great idea! I'd be interested in seeing the results of this survey and what your parent response is when school begins. Will you please post your findings? Thanks!