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I recently joined some of my friends in the Swimming into Summer giveaway.  All of the teachers who followed the directions for the giveaway by Sunday, June 9th will receive all of the lesson packets.  

The packets have been emailed to those who joined our giveaway.  If you participated in our giveaway and have not received the packets, you need to check your spam folder.

Ashley @ The Teacher's Treasure volunteered to send out the packets.  Thank you Ashley!  You will see this in your inbox:

Click on that and you will see:

Click on the google docs link.  Hopefully, you will be able to access the documents without any trouble.  But, if too many users have downloaded this file recently, you may get this message:

If you get this message, please try to click on the link later.  

Usually the giveaways I participate last a few days.  This giveaway was 5 days because we knew it would take our readers a while to visit all of our blogs and join them.  It also allows extra time so "glitches" like malfunctioning computers or internet interruptions won't stop you from entering.  With extra days, you'll have time to fix the problem or use another computer.

If you found out about our giveaway after it was over, make sure you follow my blog and Facebook page so you won't miss the next one.  


Charlene Sequeira said...

I got my file earlier today. I guess I beat the rush and it downloaded right away. Thank you. I look forward to trying these out.

Charlene/Diamond Mom
Diamond Mom's Treasury

KaSandra said...

I received the email on Monday and successfully downloaded all the files. They look great! I can't wait to use'em. Thanks again for such a spectacular summer give away.

anu248 said...

I didn't get mine yet :(. My first time trying...I must have done something wrong.



Lizzie C said...

I didn't get mine either. One post said you only needed to sign up at one blog not all of them. Wonder if that's why....



Veronica said...

I never received my file either... Hmmm. I checked my spam folder and everything... Too bad...

Michelle said...

You only had to sign up on one blog. If you haven't received your email with the link to the file, you can email Ashley @ (benoitcreated@gmail.com).

Jennifer Ayers said...

I love this post! Did you get her autograph??? =) You are an Olympian my friend!!

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