Sklp Counting Tips

Skip counting is an important math skill.  There are many different ways to strengthen this skill.  Here are a few of my favorites:

This is always my students' favorite activity.  It is also a great activity to do when your students have too much energy!  Make a number line on the floor.  I like to use blue painter tape because it comes off the floor without leaving all the goo that other tapes leave behind.

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When I introduce addition or subtraction, I make one number line.  A volunteer hops up and down the number line to find the answer.  Later on, I make a game out of it.  I make 2 number lines.   The class is divided into 2 teams.  One person from each team stands beside their number line.  I show them a flashcard with a problem.  The student has to hop up or down the number line, demonstrating the problem, landing on the answer.  The first person who hops up and down correctly earns a point for their team.  This is a noisy activity, but perfect for an inside recess.

This is the perfect activity to incorporate into your calendar time.   To skip count by 2's, students will hold up two fingers.  The student will cross midline, while holding up two fingers, and count by 2's.  Your class will look like they are doing aerobics.  They hold up the number of fingers that they are skip counting.

It never fails, there is always at least one student in every class that ask "why do I have to learn this?".  Give your students real world manipulatives to use when you are practicing skip counting.  They will quickly make the connection about why this is an important skill.

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Skip counting by 2's to 100.
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How do you teach skip counting?

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jbales said...

We skip count by 2's, 5's and 10's every day at morning meeting. We always add a movement, (squats, arms up, Charleston, etc) while we count. It gives the children a chance to stand up and move and the rhythm that we use to count really helps them to remember the pattern. Thanks for sharing the videos and ideas!

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