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Sound boxes are a great hands-on way to help your students develop phonological awareness by segmenting words into sounds or syllables. I like to introduce these in a small group setting and later set them up in a center.

Put one object under each box.  You can use BINGO chips, unifix cube, or fun seasonal shapes like the ones in the pictures below.
Say a word.
Have your student repeat the word slowly, stretching it out.
Students will push an object in each box for each sound he/she hears.
Remind your students that they will move one object for each sound, not each letter. 

I found the plastic spiders in the picture at Hobby Lobby.  The "Syllable Clap" assignment is from my Words, Words, Words packet.  This is an extension for the book, Diary of a Spider.

I love to add a little fun with seasonal shapes.  You can use small erasers like the ones at Target Dollar Spot.  In the picture are some plastic leaves I found at Hobby Lobby.  I thought these would be the perfect addition to a lesson about the book, There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves.  The "Raking Up Good Writing" assignment is from my Fall: Words, Words, and More Words.

In this packet are sound boxes with 3, 4, and 5 boxes so you can differentiate.  There is a colorful version like the ones above and an ink-saving black and white version. 

Click HERE to download this for FREE.

Looking for more ideas?  I am linking up with Jennifer @ InterActivities 4 All.  She has a fun linky party that you should check out!

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arlene sandberg said...

What a great idea and so creative. Thanks so much for sharing.