Tom Cruise and Gift Cards

You know it's going to be a good story when it includes Tom Cruise and gift cards.
This week my in-laws mailed my family a Christmas card with gift cards. It needed extra postage so it was mailed from the local post office. Our house has a locked mailbox. So what could be the problem with that, right?
Unfortunately, the envelope was partially opened when it arrived. Only one of the gift cards was still in the envelope. The other gift cards (worth $175) were missing.
Now it is time to cue some jazzy music. This case of missing gift cards reminded me of the scene from The Firm. Tom Cruise, aka Mitch McDeere met with an unhappy client about overbilling. The client reminded him that when The Firm put a stamp on his bill and mailed it to him, it became a federal crime.

If you watch the news, you know that cases like this, especially around the holidays, is common. If it happens to you, you should file a report with the USPS Office of Inspector General. I had to make another report when our daughter's graduation card arrived with the envelope slit open.
My in-laws had purchased the gift cards at 3 different restaurants, not at a drug store like I usually do. My mother-in-law visited one restaurant and called the other two restaurants' corporate offices. Employees from Chili's and Buffalo Wild Wings were very helpful.  They were able to cancel the original cards and issue new gift cards.
If you need to purchase gift cards for a boss, coworker, your child's teacher, or others on your shopping list, I would highly recommend dropping by your local Buffalo Wild Wings and Chili's. Both of these restaurants had wonderful customer service when my Mother-in-law explained what happened.

Treat yourself to a night off of cooking and do your holiday shopping at Chili's and Buffalo Wild Wings at the same time.  

Won't the thief who has our missing gift cards be surprised when he/she tries to pay the bill and finds out the card has been cancelled?  If the thief used our cards for his/her gift giving, he/she will need to purchase new ones when he/she gets an uncomfortable phone call from the recipients.  Funny how karma works!

Please note:
  • I'm not sure if this would have been possible if the gift cards would have been purchased from a second party.
  • This is NOT a sponsored post.  I wanted to share my experience with my readers.

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