Behavior 101

 Why do you have to repeat the same thing over and over?  Why can't students follow directions?  Student who need the directions repeated or who do not follow the rules, may not be active listeners.  How do you promote active listening in your classroom?  Listen and Draw is a fun activity that my students loved and also strengthened their listening skills.  You can try it free.
Do you have a Listen Lizzie in your class? How do these students impact the chemistry of your class?  How can you document listening skills for RTI and conferences?  Read more here.                           

 Have you discovered the magic of changing the seating chart? Why this is so magical with students, I will never know. But, I have seen it work its magic many times.  Read more about it.

Do you get a sad report when you pick your class up at specials or lunch? Attach a brag tag or two to your clipboard. I'm sure the teacher or support staff holding up one of these will motivate your students to show positive behavior.  Read more about using brag tags and goal setting.

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