Using poetry to teach inferences

A great way to introduce inferences is with poetry!  Students use context clues to infer what goes in the blank.  I found a great website that has free poems for teachers.  These poems are fun and kid friendly.  I emailed the poet, Arden Davidson, to see if teachers could use the poems on her site.  She gave us permission to use these with your free lessons or lessons with your students and asked that you credit her for her work.  
Here's a freebie lesson I made with her poem, Flying Popcorn. This would be a great addition to your next poetry unit, compound word unit, or use it in November when you study Native Americans.

If you love the poems the poet, Arden Davidson wrote, you will want to purchase her poetry book which is sold on Amazon.

Playing Hopscotch on a Rubber Roof is Arden's first poetry book. 
You can purchase it by clicking on the picture above.

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I love using poetry for everything! Thanks so much for posting this.
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