Christmas Fun with Elves

Time to get into the holiday spirit! What better way than with elves, Santa's little helpers?!!! I'm always looking for new books to add to my collection. I discovered a new book call, Elfis. To bring in a multiple intelligence slant, I am going to play Elvis music after listening to story. Elvis can touch another generation with his music.

We're going to compare the stories: “The Elves and the Shoemaker” to “The Shoemaker and Santa's Elves”. To introduce venn diagrams, I am going to make a venn diagram with two hula hoops on the floor. Then my class will sit in a circle around it. First, I will have the girls take off one shoe. We will put the shoes into two groups. These two groups will be put in the outer ring of the hoops to show they are different. Then we will see if any of the shoes are alike. If one girl's shoe is like another girl's shoe, the 2 girls will take off their 2nd shoe and put their shoes side-by-side in the inner circle. We will do the same thing with the boys' shoes. 

Activities for these books and more elf fun can be found:

Elf Antics can be found at TPT - $3

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