No time for handwriting!

Do you feel like you never have enough time to teach handwriting?  Do you look at your students' assignments and feel they need handwriting lessons? Try this!  Once a week during reading group, my students practice their word wall words/spelling words. I use dry erase boards that has lines with the dotted middle line. Each time I say the word all the students write the word on their board. The person who writes it using the lines and spaces correctly, uses correct letter formation, and spelled correctly earns a B.U.G. (my incentive program). So, if all 6 students write the word neatly and spelled correctly, all the them earn a B.U.G. I think because it's not a contest to see who can write it the fastest and they have to write the word using correct letter formation, it has improved their handwriting, spelling, and reading.  It is like killing three birds with one stone!

B.U.G.  stands for Being Unusually Good.  From time to time I pass out these tickets when students are B.U.G.  They never know when I will be watching to pass out a B.U.G. for work habits and behavior so they need to do their best ALL the time.

Click HERE to download your free copy of the B.U.G. packet.


Anonymous said...

Simple. Elegant. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing that idea.

Unknown said...

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