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Fluency is such an important component of reading.  Low fluency rate may not always be detected until late elementary or early middle school.  Suddenly, a student is expected to read more curriculum in a short period of time, and is not able to keep up with his or her studies. This is one area of reading that I wanted to tweak so my students would be well prepared.

I realize that in order to increase a student's fluency rate, he or she needs to practice reading.  I reflected back to my personal experience of joining a book club.  My book club read a different genre each month . . . i.e. we didn't read chick lit. each month.  I thought this must be what it's like for my students.  You know, reading a book that's not really your personal taste.  Whenever the genre wasn't my taste, it took me all month to read it.  Most months I would have a cram session a couple of days before my book club met to finish the book.  UGH!  This must be what my students feel like! 

I decided to do something a little different to help my students.  On Wednesdays, students are encouraged to bring a book of their choice to school.  It can be a book they checked out of the library or one of their personal books.  If they don't have one, they may check a book from my class library.  I give them 20 minutes of time to read in class.  Then we meet in book club groups.  Students are grouped differently each week.  Sometimes we meet according to the genre of the book.  Other time I will have students meet in groups of 3 and do a book talk, mini-commercial about their book.  

Each student has a Book Club folder.  I attached the assignment sheets (below) in the 3 prongs in the folder.  I made each student a Book Club booklet.  I cut construction paper in half, put copier paper in it, and stapled it together. The assignments are numbered.  Each week, students complete an assignment about the chapter they read at school.  Some weeks I assign a specific assignment, other weeks I let students choose their assignment.  I found these assignments from different websites, but I'm sorry I can't remember which one or I would give him or her credit for the great ideas. Please let me know if you know the source.

Book club is making a difference!  I'm sure the key factor is CHOICE!  Choice of book and some weeks they have choice of assignment.  

Below are the forms I use:


Heather's Heart said...

My Firsties are starting to work on fluency. This is great! Thank you. I am your newest follower and would love for you to come follow me too!

Michelle said...

I will come visit your blog! Thanks for joining.

Jessica Lawler said...

What an excellent idea! I teach 5th and some of my kiddos this year are really struggling with fluency. I am looking for anything to get them practicing - both internally and orally. I'm going to see how I can implement this book club idea into my hectic reading schedule!

Thanks for sharing :)

Courtney said...

Hi! I'm stopping by from Monday Made It! I teach 7th grade, but fluency is something that some of my kiddos still struggle with. I could easily let some of my students share passages from books they loved during some of our small groups to practice their fluency. Thanks for the inspiration!