Behavior Chart

The New Year is a wonderful time for goal setting.  What better personal goal for a student than to improve his or her behavior!  Here's a chart that you can use to communicate with student and his/her parents about observations you make in the classroom.  

I've used tally marks two different ways.  I've given tally marks when I "catch" them doing an exceptional job following one of the goals listed on the chart.  So many tally marks equals some type of incentive for the student at home.  I've also written tally marks when the student needs a "I need to stop and think about my behavior" visual cue.  Different students need different approaches . . . . differentiation 101, right?!!

Whatever approach your student needs, I hope this helps you start off your year in a positive way!  Happy New year!

I've made a collection of behavior chart systems into one packet available at TPT.  The packet includes daily, weekly, and monthly chart systems including the traffic light system below.

The packet is available at TPT for $4.

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