Black History Month

February is my favorite month, curriculum-wise.  There are so many holidays . . . . Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, and Black History Month.  Every year, I look forward to planning my Black History month unit. I have taught this unit with Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 3rd grade with some minor modifications.  In language arts, we study African folktales such as:

The overall theme of the unit is famous African Americans.  We find out what contributions African Americans have made to our life.  This unit never fails to inspire some budding inventors!  I put together a packet for TPT.  The information is listed below:

Famous african americans

Celebrate Black History Month by completing the following activities about famous African American.

Garrett Morgan invented the traffic lights
*Make traffic light cookies

Benjamin Banneker is best known for his six annual Farmers' Alamanac
*Set up Almanac center: Go on a Almanac safari

P.B. Downing invented the street letter box – mail box
*Decorate Valentine Mailboxes

There is a sign for each famous person telling about their contribution.

George Grant invented the golf tee.
*Make patterns, practice math facts with golf tees in playdough

William Purvis invented the fountain pen.
*Word Work activity using fountain pens

George Crum invented potato chips.
*It's time for a “crunch-off”! Let your students sample a variety of potato chips to determine their favorite type. Graph the results.

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams was the first person to perform open heart surgery.
*Heart health activity: jump rope
*Find rhyming words in jump rope rhymes.
*Included are 3 jump rope rhymes plus templates so students can write their own rhyme.

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