Needing supplies, Desk Fairies, Tardies . . . it's that time of year!

Have you caught yourself putting a package of pencils in your shopping cart every time you go shopping?  My husband refers to this as my own personal pencil tax. I can't shop without buying some type of school supply.  Do you feel like you should be buying stock in Office Depot or Target?  In reality, they (the stores) should be giving teachers stock because we help keep them in black.  My hubby feels like teachers do more than their fair share helping the economy out! 

I've added a few new forms to my "Busy Teachers Forms" packet that will help some of the "issues" below:

*Supply Alert:  note to send home to parents asking for needed supplies.  One is a check off list of common supplies.  The second "alert" is for pencils, only.
*Desk Fairy:  A happy note from the Desk Fairy will encourage your Messy Marvins that a tidy desk is a good thing!
*Tardy note:  A note about the importance of students arriving on time.  It also has a line that you write how many tardies the students has had this year.

The "Busy Teacher Forms" was my freebie on TPT from the middle of December until this week. During this time, 14,943 people downloaded this packet.  When I update things I sell on TPT, I can click on a "revised" button so buyers can download the updated version for free.  I'm not sure if this works if you got the original as a a freebie or not.  I clicked the revised button, just in case it would work for those of you who downloaded it as a freebie.  If someone downloaded it as a freebie, can you go to your download folder to see if you can see the 3 new forms (titles are above) in the revised version.  Would you let me know if this works or not?  Thanks!

Here's what the new forms look like when (hopefully) you download them:

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