Sub Plans

'tis the season to get sick . . . fa la la la la.  If you are like me, when your mind is foggy from minutes of sleep rather than hours of sleep, Walgreens is your new favorite "go to" place to shop, and your body feels like it's gone a couple of rounds in the boxing ring, making quality sub plans is not a realistic expectation.  But, take it from me, the better your sub plans, the easier your return will be.

Through the years of getting notes from subs such as - "I wasn't sure how you have your students turn in their work . . . ", "I wasn't sure how they lined up for lunch, so we . . . " I have made an emergency set of sub plans that have included those details that I didn't always think of when I was foggy headed and sick.  I still prefer to go and set up lessons about what we are currently studying.  But, this kit works as an outline so I don't leave out important information.  

Also included is one day of plans that would work with 1st-3rd grade class.  The math assignment is fact families.  Depending on your class, they could either do addition/subtraction fact families or multiplication/division fact families Or you could differentiate the assignment within your class.

Each school has a different emergency sub plan policy & procedure. Most schools require a copy of your emergency sub plans in the office.  This is a kit that would work for that.  I also like to keep a sub tub in my room in case there's ever a day when I couldn't go to school to do my sub plans.  In 20 years of teaching, that's only happened once, but I sure was glad I had the sub tub ready to go when that day happened.  My sub tub is a different color than all my other tubs, is clearly marked, and I showed my students and the teachers next door where I keep it.  Thankfully, because of the advanced planning, when I had to use my emergency plans, the day went off without a hitch!

Here's a peek at some of the pages from my kit:
This kit is available at TPT for $5

Forms ready for you to fill out:
-Class schedule
-Recess rules & consequences
-Class management: Rules/consequences
-Student information: pullouts, medication, etc.
-Class roster
-Nurse pass
-Office pass
-Library pass
-Lesson plans with worksheets
-Class procedures
-attention getter, passing out materials, completed work,
beginning and end of day, and lunchtime

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