Tag You're It!

So here are the rules:
1.  Post the rules.
2.  Post 12 fun facts about yourself.
3.  Answer the questions the tagger set for you in her post, and then create 12 new questions for the ones you tag.
4.  Tag 12 people and link them in your post.
5.  Let them know that they have been tagged

Rebecca at TheTeachersChatterbox tagged me!

1.  What movie could you watch over and over again?  Father of the Bride
2.  What would be your dream vacation? Somewhere on a beach
3.  Do you like to cook? no If so, what dish have you perfected?  
4.  Are you tech savvy? I'm learning more everyday
5.  What is your guilty pleasure? Reading books ALL THE TIME!
6.  What is your favorite book to read aloud to your kiddos? The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
7.  Are you more crafty or sporty? crafty
8.  Are you an early bird or a night owl? early bird
9.  Facebook, Twitter, or Both? neither
10.  If you were told you were going to be teaching abroad, where would you want to teach? Ireland
11.  Do you collect anything? ink pens
12.  What is your most memorable teaching moment? I have too many to list.

Kayla at Primary Junction also tagged me!
  1. What is your favorite subject and/or unit to teach? Reading
  2. Of all the places you have ever visited, which is your most favorite and why? Boston, it's a beautiful city.
  3. Name your favorite color! lime green
  4. What is something you wish you could teach/do differently with your class? have more time
  5. What was your favorite grade as a student, and why? middle school
  6. What is one site, besides Pinterest or Blogger (Yes, I said that!) that you find interesting  and visit often? ProTeacher
  7. What is your favorite book that you read with your class?The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
  8. Name a special skill or talent you wish you had. I wish I could speak another language
  9. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? strawberry
  10. What is your favorite perfume? Marshmallow by Mor
  11. What is a weakness that you have as a teacher? I take my kids' problems home with me.
  12. What is a strength that you have as a teacher? I see them as individuals rather than collectively as a class.

Jessica at Apples and Papers also tagged me!

1. If you could meet anyone who would you like to meet?  Abraham Lincoln
2. If you weren’t teaching what would you be doing? Own a book store
3.What was your favorite thing about school when you were a student? I loved math!
4. What do you wish you were better at? Keeping up with the laundry.  I hate laundry!
5. What is your favorite store to shop at? any store with office supplies stuff
6.What is two things you need for your dream classroom? iPad and smart board
7.Where do you want to travel to? Ireland and Greece
8.Favorite TV show? More Bang for you Buck
9.What is your least favorite chores? Laundry, if I never folded another pair of socks it would be too soon!
10.Would you rather be an actor, singer, or athlete? singer
11.Who or what inspires you? ??
12. What’s your favorite children’s book? The True story of the Three Little Pigs


1.  My birthday is the same day as Dr. Seuss' birthday.
2.  I have taught for 20 years.
3.  I have taught in 3 different states.
4.  I have 1 child.
5.  I'm very energetic. 
6.  My 3 favorite foods are Tex Mex, Greek, and Lebanese.
7.  In our 22 years of marriage, we have bought 6 houses.  I could be a professional stager or real estate agent. I think we are done now.  YIPEE!
8.  My two favorite stores are book stores and office supply stores.
9.  I enjoy yard work which makes my husband very happy because he doesn't have to  do it!
10. Our house is a tribute to rubbermaid.  We should buy stock in the company.
11.  My favorite flower is the calla lily.
12. I'm very scent oriented.  I am always burning a candle when I'm home and I always wear perfume.


1.  Do you prefer chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla?
2.  Who is your favorite recording artist?
3.  What is your favorite cereal?
4.  What color is your vehicle?
5.  Name 3 songs on your iPod.
6.  Do you prefer winter or summer?
7.  Do you prefer mountain hideaway or beach house?
8.  Who is your favorite book character?
9.  What is your favorite t.v. show?
10. What are you really afraid of?
11. What is your favorite restaurant?
12. What is the best thing about teaching?

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Primary Junction said...

Father of the Bride is a great movie! Thanks for participating in the blog tag!

Primary Junction

Michelle said...

You're welcome!

Keri said...

thanks for tagging me...i responded

ps i love your writing ideas

Michelle said...

Thanks! I'm glad you like them.

Ms. Fultz said...

Thanks for tagging me! I'd love to link up in your tag list as well. There's nothing a little rubbermaid can't handle. =)