Homework Linky Party

Special thanks goes to Jenaya @ Lesson Plan Diva for  hosting a HOMEWORK LINKY PARTY.  Homework is one of those topics that can be a hot button issues, depending on the team you're on.  One camp is completely opposed to the idea and another feels strongly that homework is a valuable part of a student's education.  I fall somewhere in the middle.  I do not believe in giving homework just to give it.  It shouldn't be just a work habit that I'm trying to teach my students, I want their time to be meaningful.

Two homework programs that had the greatest impact for me was Bubble Gum words and Popcorn Sounds.  Here's a little more info:


This is the perfect way to get parents involved with helping their child at home study letter sounds. The packet comes complete with a note to send home to parents along with a helpful hints letter. There is a score sheet that you will record your students' score each Friday when you test them. The score sheet will be sent home each week so it is also a weekly progress report for parents. There is a sign and popcorn letters that can be used to decorate your bulletin board. There are popcorn themed labels that you can use to label your students' homework folders. Students earn a good news note when they reach 100%. For extra fun, host a popcorn party when your class reaches their goal.


This is a simple and easy way to teach your students
sight words. In this packet are 10 lists of words. Each list
contain 21 Dolch Basic Sight Words organized in rows with 3
words per row. Organize a Bubble Gum folder for your
students. Send the folder with the list of words home on
Friday and have them return it the following Friday. So you
can test their knowledge. Students are encouraged to learn
at least one row of words, but may study more. Each
time a student is able to correctly read a row of words
students will either earn a stamp or sticker which is put in
the last column by the row of words. For extra incentive,
use bubble gum scented stickers!


Stacey said...

Cute ideas! Love and agree with your thoughts on homework. I am your newest follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Michelle said...

You're welcome!

Keri said...
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Keri said...

I send home monthly Oral Sharing tasks that relate to something we are studying in the curriculum. I also do a Home Reading program with incentives like pencils, erasers, stretchy animals...I send home the Word Work words for the month in my newsletter and encourage parents to work at home on them. Math? Nope. Mainly because I have found through experience that the way I teach math and the way parents remember math don't mesh...cause confusion, actually.
I am with you on the middle ground, Michelle, why send work home just for the sake of extra work?? I love your bubble gum and popcorn word packages. Awesomely fun ideas!!

Whoops-spelling mistake (had to delete and redo my comment)


Michelle said...

It's nice to find someone else who is in the middle ground when it comes to homework. If I ever go back to school to get my PhD, I want to do research on homework. In undergrad, I never had a professor address homework in ANY of my classes. Isn't that sad? If it's done properly, it can be effectively, but too often it's given as busy work.