LEAP TO THE Teachers Pay Teachers SALE!

In honor of Leap Day this next week, TPT is going to have a LEAP SALE!  If you use the code L2P9Y you will get 10% off of anything you buy on the website.

In addition to this sale, I am putting the lessons below on sale from February 26th - 29th.  All of these lessons are 20% off!  Add that to the 10% code and you can save 30%.

Four worksheets and four signs for: text-to-text, text-to-self, text-to-world,                                   and visualization that may be used with any story.
Regular price:  $2

This Read Across America unit is packed with too many
activities to do in one day. It's a week's worth of fun!
Regular price:  $5

A few of the things in this packet are:
*5 job signs
*job rotation wheel
*3 text connection signs
*C.E.O. Resource page
*Map-maker resource page
*Quiz resource page (higher order skills)
*Additional ideas page which gives ways to differentiate the assignments
*Organization & management ideas page
*Lit. circle groups: blank forms
*What do I need? Form
*Reading assignment forms: (blank)
Regular price:  $5

Activities for phonemic awareness, fluency,
sight words, digraphs and more.
Regular price:  $5

Dealing with late work is my least favorite task! It doesn't matter what age of students you teach or how wonderful your students behave, there is always a handful of students who suffer from late work-itis! I've tried many different approaches with different ages of students and finally found this combination that works for me.
Regular price:  $4 

This packet includes:
Writing Wallets:  Perfect for students with organizational issues.
Home Journals:  A year's worth of writing homework.
Idea book:  The perfect solution when students have writer's block.
Regular price:  $5

This is a game that is played in a small group setting.
included are:
-18 Game boards
6 boards on 1st grade level
6 boards on 2nd grade level
6 boards on 3rd grade level
-3 teacher word lists
-9 i-spy pointers
-25 paw prints
-2 happy notes
**You could also use these game
boards as BINGO CARDS.
Regular price:  $3

Hope @ Shenanigans in Second is having a Leap Day Sale Linky Party.  Thank you Hope!  

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