Reading Group Lesson: I SPY game


Are you looking for something new to use with your reading groups?  Try playing a new version of I SPY with your groups.  The great thing about this game is it can be used with groups on 3 different reading levels.  Or it can also be used as a quick warm up activity.  
Included in this packet are:
-18 Game boards
6 boards on 1st grade level
6 boards on 2nd grade level
6 boards on 3rd grade level
-3 teacher word lists
-9 i-spy pointers
-25 paw prints
-2 happy notes
**You could also use these game
boards as BINGO CARDS.

Each grade level's game board has a different background.  

Example of 1st grade:

Example of 2nd grade:

Example of 3rd grade:

Students earn a paw print when they identify and read the word first.  The student with the most paw prints at the end of the game earns a happy note.

This game is sold at TPT and TN for $4.

Link to TPT Store

Link to Teachers Notebook store

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Emily Shell said...

I love these !! Thanks for sharing!!

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