Brain Breaks

Brain Breaks are a great way to refocus your students when they have a case of the wiggles.  Why not give them a great way to get their wiggles out so they can focus on their school work?

My favorite brain break involves music and movement.  I absolutely love Greg & Steve - We All Live Together CDs,  and your students will, too!

My favorite songs for movement are:

Volume #1:  Skip to My Loo

Volume #2:  Listen & Move, The Boogie Walk, and The Freeze

Volume #3:  Shapes

When we listen to the Shapes song, I pass out shapes glued to popsicle sticks. Students stand and hold up their shapes when the song tells them to stand up.


For more ideas, visit Rachel @ Minds in Bloom Move to Learn linky party.


Miss Trayers said...

Great reminder-we all need brain breaks from time to time :). Excellent suggestions-thanks so much for sharing.


Michelle said...

You're welcome! I hope your students enjoy the songs.