Mother's Day & Graphic Novels

Do you have students who have absolutely no interest whatsoever in reading a book?  Doesn't it just break your heart!   You've tried everything in your bag of tricks to share your love of books, but nothing has worked.  The thing I found interesting about these students is, their lack of love for reading doesn't necessarily mean they are poor readers.  In fact, I've had some high readers who never read for pleasure.  Sometimes I've found the trouble is a limited attention span.  These students are often overwhelmed by all the words they see on a page and shut down mentally when they see a book that has "too many pages" (their opinion).  These students do better with non-fiction books because the reading is divided into bite-sized pieces.

 Graphic novels are another type of book that will hold these readers' attention.  Here's a great article you should read.  These books appeal to boys and girls.  A favorite of my students is the Baby Mouse series.  Boys love all the ones about Superheroes.

I put together a new packet called "My Mother is My Superhero" which has activities about superheroes.  Students make a book, which I thought would be a great Mother's Day gift.  This unit can be taught at any time of the year, but with Mother's Day right around the corner, this seemed like a great time to use it.  Activities include:

My Mom is My Superhero (book)
Front cover page
Writing page: My Mom's super power is . . .
Design your superhero's logo and write about it
Comic strip: Write a comic strip about your superhero

Book Center
Non-fiction worksheet
Fiction worksheet
Book list of books about superheroes and moms includes: title, author, reading level, and fiction/non-fiction

Language Arts worksheets:
ABC order
How many words can you make from SUPERHERO?
Palindrome worksheet
Writing worksheets
Comparison: Fill out chart comparing two superheroes and
then complete a venn diagram

Math Center
Superhero Scrabble: Choose words from the word bank, find
the letters' scrabble value, and add the amount.
Available at TPT for $4.

Isn't the clipart cute?  Teacher Tam made it.  Go check out her great stuff!


teachertam said...

Thanks! I'm glad you could use my clipart!
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infamous whit said...

I found a great book called "My Mom Has X-Ray Vision" by Angela McAllister that should be added to your Book Center for this lesson. Starting with that source I came up with the idea to have students make Mother's Day comics with their mothers as superheroes. Upon an internet search on the subject, only days after your post, I found your lessons. Great minds think alike! I am using your lesson tomorrow morning as a demonstration lesson for *hopefully* my first teaching job. Thank you!!!