Busy P's: Prepositions

Schoolhouse Rock videos are some of my favorites to show students.  They are short and have a catchy tunes that stick in your head the rest of the day.  I swear you'll catch yourself humming the tune at the oddest times!  Try it and see for yourself.  Here's the video about prepositions:

Schoolhouse Rock:  Busy P's - Prepositions
3.04 minutes

When I was a student many years ago, my teacher taught us to remember prepositions with the story of a squirrel and a tree.  A squirrel can go up a tree, around a tree, in a tree, by a tree . . . you get the picture.  For some reason, that story has stuck in my head all these years.  I thought a bug themed activity could be fun to do after watching the Schoolhouse Rock video.  I made a packet you can download for free.

This is a good sign to hang up as a reference.

Students will color the bugs below and glue them on the jar above following the directions.  This is a great way for students to show you their knowledge of prepositions.  It is also a great listening activity.

One of the extension assignments is to write a story about a bug and include 5 prepositions.

There is a word bank included. Above is a page for from the word bank. You can set up the writing assignment as a center and add this to the writing center.

Click HERE to download the freebie.
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