Reading levels for Magazines

Have you discovered "Kids Discover" magazines yet?  I recently purchased a set of these magazines at a used book store.  They only cost 50 cents a piece so I couldn't resist!  When I went online to find out more about them, I discovered (yes, there's that discover word again!) that the website gives the reading level for each magazine.  How great is that?  We level our books, but now we can level our magazines, too!

One of the magazines I bought is perfect for this time of year . . . . . Oceans.  Plus, with the implementation of Common Core standards and the non-fiction requirements, these magazines are the perfect supplement to your reading program.
Click to go to the website.

A magazine center can be an easy way to implement more non-fiction into your schedule.  I have a packet called "Magazines and More" that has everything you need for 18 weeks of centers, except for the magazines.  Four of the assignments can be used with interactive journals. The packet does come with a parent letter asking for donations of children's magazines.  

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Thank you Fancy Francy!