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YIPEE!!!  Did you know that today is the first day of TPT's annual Teachers' Appreciation Sale? The sale is May 6-8.  You get 10% off every lesson if you use the code TAD12.  Don't forget to use the code so you save money.

You also get an additional 20% my entire store.  Here are a few lessons that are on sale:

This is a unit that can be taught at anytime, but it would be a fun unit to study in May because your students make a book called "My Mom is My Superhero". Instead of making a Mother's Day card, give moms this book. This unit is also high-interest and would work well with your reluctant readers.

This packet contains:

My Mom is My Superhero (book)
• Front cover page
• Writing page: My Mom's super power is . . .
• Design your superhero's logo and write about it
• Comic strip: Write a comic strip about your superhero

Book Center
• Non-fiction worksheet
• Fiction worksheet
• Book list of books about superheroes and moms includes: title,
author, reading level, and fiction/non-fiction

Language Arts worksheets:
• ABC order
• How many words can you make from SUPERHERO?
• Palindrome
• Writing worksheets
• Comparison: Fill out chart comparing two superheroes and
then complete a venn diagram

Math Center
• Superhero Scrabble: Choose words from the word bank, find
the letters' scrabble value, and add the amount.

Fourteen forms to help any busy teacher. Forms include: Behavior charts, estimation jar note, snack reminder, student information form, reading log, reading log rubric, weekly report which includes behavior and work habits, assignment paper for collecting students' work, happy notes, supply alert, tardy reminder, desk fairy, and a wish list letter to parents.

Do you have junior secret agents in your class this year? These
are students who love gadgets, have a sense of adventure, love to
read mysteries, and enjoy studying any type of map. If so, then
this is the unit for them!

This is a game that is played in a small group setting.
included are:
-18 Game boards
6 boards on 1st grade level
6 boards on 2nd grade level
6 boards on 3rd grade level
-3 teacher word lists
-9 i-spy pointers
-25 paw prints
-2 happy notes

*I HAVE, WHO HAS geometric shape game (20 cards)
*Shape signs (nine 3D and eight 2D shapes)
*Edible math: geometric shapes graph and data collection sheet
*Spelling geometry: figure area and perimeter of your spelling

*Investigate Egyptian structures using the chart to record
your research
*Example is given for the research chart
*Tips are given for a Wordle project
*Wordle project example is included
*Tips are given for using Pinterest with your class
*Rubric for Egyptian project is included

*Simple machine scavenger hunt: go on a scavenger at home
and school then use your results in the Simple Machine book.
*Simple Machine Book: write definitions, draw and label
pictures of simple machines.

*Find the area and perimeter of your spelling words written 3
*Recording sheet included

*10 picture prompts: geometric shapes & Egypt
*Let's edit: Egypt
*Mystery of the Great Pyramid of Giza Book

I am participating in the Teacher Appreciation Jackpot.  Today (MAY 6TH), for one day only, you may download this lesson for FREE:  Although this lesson is no longer FREE, it is on sale for $3.20 until May 8th.

This packet is aligned with kindergarten and 1st grade Common Core Standards:

To increase sight word knowledge and fluency, students read the 5 sentences on each page three times. The student's reading is rated on a scale from 1 to 5 at the bottom of the page.. First time read the sentences during reading group lesson and teacher rates student's reading. Second and third time student reads the sentences at home for homework and parent rates student's reading. This is great a documentation tool.

Students will trace the sentences and copy on the line below. Then they will write their
own sentence and illustrate it. This may be used as a handwriting lesson, literacy center,
or as homework.

#1: Copy the words cards and cut apart. Students can glue the words on notecards or construction paper to make flashcards. Punch a hole in the top corner and add to a shower curtain ring to make a word ring. Students can use the word ring to study the
words and also as a resource when they write in their journals. It's a mini-word wall.

#2: Print 2 copies of the word cards and then copy on card stock. Cut apart and students will play concentration or memory game with the word cards which will strengthen their visual memory and reading skills.

-Parent note giving directions for homework assignment.
-Happy note to give your students when they complete all 5 lessons.
-Teacher Tip sheet

**There is also a Buggy for Reading:  Preprimer level and First level.


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