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I must admit that I am as big of font-aholic as I am a pin-aholic.   I'm always on the lookout for new fonts.  I currently have 893 fonts and am always willing to add a new one to my collection.  When I visited :

and saw she had joined a font linky party, I knew I was in heaven.  All in different fonts in one place.  What could be better?

I am joining Teachery Tidbits's Favorite Fonts Linky Party.  Click on the picture to find some great fonts.

Every New Beginning introduced me to a new site that is perfect for font lovers.  It is called Word Mark It.  Have you heard of it?  This site will show you a word or words written with all of the fonts on your computer.  So, the next time you are writing a new lesson and want to choose a font, visit Word Mark It.  This is a great time saver!

Here are a few of my favorite fonts.  Google the name if you'd like to add them to your collection.



Swimming Into Learning said...

Wow, that is a lot of fonts. I havn't started getting different fonts yet because I'm afraid it will be as addicting as clip art :)

mjfavre said...

I found this linky party, too, and almost exploded my computer downloading fonts! Cafe Rojo is one of my favorites also.
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mjfavre said...
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Haley said...

Dare I say that I like fonts more than I like clipart?? I also did the Font linky...I don't know how I could pick my favorites from 30 or so I use all the time! :) Hadn't heard of Word Mark it...heading over to check it out!

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Heather Mix said...

Thanks for the link to Word Mark It. Haven't ever heard of it but I checked it out and it's really neat!

Heather Mix
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Jackie said...

Thanks for the tip about Word Mark It. That is awesome!